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In the present days everyone using internet for various purposes. Internet using we can send and receive the information and access the information and other utilizations are can be performed. Email is commonly used conversation tool. In the recent days many social media tools available for upload, send messages, send and receives the various format files. Let us help you create an account and show you how to use it. 

Want to break free from your Ethernet shackles and connect to the world without wires? We can help get your new or existing network up and running and with proper security measures to make sure your personal information is safe from prying eyes. Smart Hub Setup, Smart Switch Setup, Smart Router Setup.

Printer Install & Setup

Installing software on a desktop, laptop and Mac can be complicated and can kill your valuable time, as well as damage your PC. With our expertise the software installation process will be done hassle free. We provide high-quality software installation and updating solutions. Whether you want to install / reinstall / uninstall operating systems or other software.

Need a new piece of hardware installed in your desktop, laptop or Mac?. Bring your computer and new component into the store or have us out to your place. We'll install the new hardware (hard drive, graphics card, power supply, gaming controller, webcam, microphone, etc.) and make sure they play nice together.

If you have just purchased a new desktop, laptop or Mac and are unsure of where to start or how to set it up with your devices contact 3f and we can visit your home, office or business and have you up and running in no time. You may have applications and data on your old PC.  We can transfer these over to your new computer and provide as smooth a transition to the new computer as possible.

Computer Installation

We do network cabling for your whole office. We can also add voice & data.. Forget unsightly cables hanging from the ceiling or stapled to the wall. Our installers will add phone jacks and network jacks in the wall, not on it. For solid wall applications we use cable moldings with a tidy look for your professional office.

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Printers have a way of misbehaving when you need them to do their job the most. Those problems are usually related to installation issues. Sometimes it is because of other problems like an Operating System error, or even a virus. 3f offers complete set up services that includes a diagnostic, installation and configuration of printers. Setup and configure local, wireless, or even network printers.