Verify what kind of system is used to cool your video card. Often it's used  a heat conductive metal and above it a fan which helps increase cooling. Even if your card has a silent fan you should change the fan with a better one to assure a proper cooling.

Password Security

Choose and install an automated backup program that connects the computer to a storage program in the cloud. Define which files need to be backed up and automate a schedule for daily backups whenever the computer is connected to the internet.

Clean Computer

Check memory usage. Since free memory is critical both to system performance and the ability to store important work products, ensure that the machine’s memory is adequate to the user’s needs. If not, follow your company’s procedures for upgrading RAM.

Computer Memory

Install an anti-virus and malware protection program. Run a full scan on the computer at the initial installation to identify and remove any existing problems on the system. Configure the settings so that the program updates its virus definitions daily to protect against the latest threats. Set up a regular schedule so that the program scans the machine at least once per week.

Hard Drive Maintenance

Today’s computers interact with a wide range of devices, from external computers to hard drives to headsets. Often, manufacturers release drivers that enhance performance and eliminate potential security risks. However, users are unlikely to update their drivers once installed. Check the driver registry and install any relevant updates.

Antivirus Protection

► Operating System Update

► Drivers Update

► Antivirus Protection

► Backup Computer Files

► Password Security

► Delete Files

Software Maintenance

Computer Video Card

Drivers Update

Backup Computer Files

 Delete Files

Improve your networks security by setting smart password requirements, with minimum lengths and character guidelines. Require that your users update their passwords every ninety days, and prevent them from using their last five passwords.

► Clean Computer

► Computer Video Card

► Computer Memory

► Hard Drive maintenance

Software Maintenance

Over time, your hard drive fills up with unnecessary files. In addition, files can become fragmented, which would slow the computer’s performance. Regular disk cleanup and defragmenting is essential, especially to speed up a slow PC.

Check for operating system updates, and ensure that the system is full up to date. It’s also helpful to look for Microsoft updates if your computer is a PC and other software updates for critical packages.

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Hardware Maintenance

Clean the physical computer. The most important part of this is blowing dust out of the system’s interior with a tool designed for that purpose. If needed, clear crumbs out of the keyboard and disinfect the shell with a computer friendly product

Computer Maintenance

Often users allow software and files to accumulate on their machines that they no longer use. Check your company’s computers for software that is no longer in use and delete it. This will help free up space and improve the user experience.

Hardware Maintenance

Operating System Update