Our Computer Laptop power jack repair service provides power jack replacement, DC Power Jack Test, DC Power Jack Diagnostics. We fix laptop dc connector inlet, input port receptacle socket plugs not charging issues. Includes DC Power Jack Replacement for Apple Mac.

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Keyboard Repair

► Motherboard Repair

► LCD Screen Replacement

► Keyboard Repair

► DC Power Jack Repair

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Our motherboard repair service can repair Computer Desktop, Laptop and Apple Mac motherboard. Service includes Bad Capacitors Replacement, Thermal Compound to CPU, Fire wire and USB Card Replacement, Network Interface Card (NIC) Replacement, Battery Replacement, Heat sink CPU Replacement

Computer Repair

Apple Repair

Our Apple product repair services can repair  different Apple products as iMac’s, MacBook’s, iPad’s, iPhone's

LCD Inverter Repair.

Our DVD Drive repair service provides diagnose and repair CD or DVD drive issues, when you cannot burn or play CD or DVD discs, when a drive is not found, not accessible or not connected. Also includes Computer Laptop DVD CD-RW Replacement, Computer Laptop Blue Ray Drive Replacement. 

Is your computer laptop keyboard missing a key or two? Do you have keys that are stuck or not working?Our Computer Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacement service can replace keyboard, Check Entire Keyboard and Keyboard Diagnostic. Including Apple iMac and MacBook Pro.

Our Monitor repair service can fix Font Size too small or too big, Blank Screen or No Video, Fuzzy, Blurry, or Color Problems, Brightness, Contrast or Geometrical problems, Horizontal or Vertical Lines, Dual Monitor Setup

Monitor Repair

DVD Drive Repair

LCD screen Replacement

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Broken screens are the most common computer laptop, iPad and iPhone repair. Our laptop screen repair services can replace broken laptop screens, cracked LCD panels, Touch Screen Replacement, LCD Hinges Check up, LCD Single Cable Check up, LCD Screen Test, LCD Screen Diagnostic.

Our LCD inverter repair service provides LCD Inverter Replacement, CCFL Bulb Check up, LCD Inverter Diagnostic. If your backlight is broken, then there are two possible causes: (1) your inverter broke down or (2) your tube has worn out. It is usually located in the LCD screen itself, because the wires to the CCFT tube should not be too long, and carry a high voltage.

Motherboard Repair

DC Power Jack Repair